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Clintonville's Wine Bistro excels by mimicking its siblings

Columbus Alive | April 25 ,2013
G.A. Benton, reviewer

The new Wine Bistro in Clintonville shamelessly rips-off of its older brothers in Worthington and Upper Arlington. To that I say, 'High five!' and, 'Welcome to the neighborhood, friend.'

'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' or, 'Don't mess with success' -- choose whichever cliche you prefer, because both apply to this branch of a nothing-like-it-in-the-area chainlet specializing in reliably prepared, vino-compatible, easy-to-enjoy Cal-Ital food...

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614 Magazine
Kimberly Stolz, reviewer
Note:  This review is for the Lane Avenue location 

Humming with conversation, laughter and music, the Bistro has a vibrant buzz. The space has a cozy retro-chic atmosphere. A corner of cushy chairs beckons patrons to settle in for some relaxation. Hunter green walls with wood accents, mismatched chairs and vintage filament lighting provide an air of dining at someone’s second house in the country. Soft musical notes create a warm undercurrent, courtesy of the player grand piano ... 

The Wine Bistro is not just aiming to be a beloved part of the community, it is also aiming to make its veal meatballs the end-all and be-all of meat orbs. These “soon-to-be-world-famous” balls are featured in no less than three dishes on the menu: standing alone as a mouthwatering appetizer ($7), dressed up in the Bistro Meatball Baguette ($10) and nestled in the Spaghetti Marinara and Meatball ($13). Whichever way you dare to try them, the meatballs are flavorful, juicy and huge. The veal’s subtle beef flavor is complemented by the rich smokiness of a gentle braising.



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